Thursday, August 11, 2011

The girl that nobody liked

Debra's friends are visiting her. They brought their granddaughter, Nina. I guess she's about ten years old. She is telling Debra about the girl that nobody liked at camp.

N: So there was this girl. And nobody wanted to be her friend. She was like, like, different and the other kids just didn't like her.

T (Grandmother): Why didn't they like her?

N: Because she didn't really fit in. Like her dad was like, in jail and everything and like, her mom was gone. I don't know where, she just was gone. But anyway, one day at lunch she was sitting by herself and so I sat down to have lunch with her and we like just started talking and everything and I just like... found the good in her. She's really nice and everything and fun and then when I started playing with her then the other kids did too.

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