Friday, August 12, 2011

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine today who is a writer. After the questions about each other's families and other business I asked him if he was writing. "No. I'm not. Nothing going on right now."

I thought about that statement. Now he and I are friends from way back and I remember in both of our lives when more was going on than we could keep up with. And by a lot going on here I mean circumstances we felt were out of our control. Things we thought we had to worry about. Life seeming too hard. Stress and concerns we held on to instead of turning over to God who was waiting to take them away. Back then, we poured every ounce of emotion we could muster into prayer and poetry. Often prayer as poetry. There was never a time we weren't writing.

Life is not different now, we are. We know our Father better. Life is what it is always was, we just see it from a different perspective now. God is who He always was. We trust God as Mother as Father as Protector as Friend. But that is not cause for us to stop being who we are because we know God better. These are time for better stories. For healing stories. Times for prayerful poems.

I connect the story of the zeal I had for writing with the zeal many children of God have when times seem hard. We are singing, praying, shouting, asking, inquiring, praising... And then our prayers are answered and there is little time for all of that noise. But these are times for singing praise songs, praying praise prayers, asking praise questions, inquiring on how we can give more, forgive more, be forgiven for more. These are times for our good noise.

So when your sister asks you, "Are you praying now?" Will your answer be, "No. Nothing really going on right now."?

Today I am inspired to inspire because I remember a yesterday when I couldn't get out of bed. Yes. I am praying. Yes. I am writing. Yes. I am forgiving. Yes. I am asking for forgiveness. Yes. I am praying and writing. There is so much good going on right now.

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