Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Moments of Blue and Hannah (Texting)

B: Miss u
H: U 2. Didn’t feel like leavin
B: Were u late?
H: No. 5 min early. Hows that
B: Time flies when ur havin fun
H: Hows drivin to work fun
B: Well u were thinkin about the fun u were havin b4 u left!
H: That’s true! What time you home tonite
B: Ugh???
H: Y?
B: Gotta get the bathroom installed at the place on 64th. Today is the only day I can do it.
H: How long is that gonna take
B: Depends. U know. But I cant leave here till cable man comes cause SOMEBODY had a meeting.
H: Sure did & I gotta go soon
B: Babe, it was good tho right?
H: I’m not gonna start this w u. I gotta go B. Muah
B: Muah
H: Yeah it was real good. C u tonite. Even if its late :(
B: No sad faces between us
H: :)

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