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Monday at the Minutes (from journal entry 8-29-11)


This morning I'm at the Minutes residence. A couple. He has Altzheimers and I think she does too. I never got a report on them. He's awake and very talkative. Linda, the night shift worker said that she (the wife) doesn't talk much. For some reason I thought they were both in wheelchairs and both needed personal care. As it turns out they dress themselves and take care of all of their personal needs. Thank You! And I thought they were in Pamona. They aren't. Just in Temple City, not far from Pasadena. Thank You! Thank You! I haven't had a case where I didn't have to strain my back every five minutes. This will be a welcome change from Clara.

Actually I did go to Clara's house this morning because that's what my schedule said when I checked it on Thursday when it came out. Since then there were changes made and no one told me. But anyway. I'm here now.

Chad is sitting on the couch watching Scooby Doo and I hear his wife getting up now. What a great feeling not being with Clara today. I needed a break.

Chad is very concerned about money. Linda told me that about him. He has asked me seven times in the last twenty minutes if he had to pay me out of pocket or if my services were covered by his insurance.

Me: Yes, one hundred percent from your insurance.

C: Well, that's great 'cause otherwise I couldn't afford it.

They are the cutest couple. Nina, his wife is up now.

C: Here, honey, you sit on this couch so you can stretch your legs and be by the fan.

And she sat. Stretched her legs as the wind from the fan slightly blew her shoulder length gray hair.

Me: Do you want breakfast?

C: Just tea for now.

As I prepared the water for tea I took time to appreciate this moment. I'm sitting at their table writing as they are watching Scooby Doo. I can do this.


Uraeus was with his friends on Friday night so I didn't pick him up and I had a therapy session at 11am on Saturday and Red Stories that night and had to be at work at 7 the next morning so couldn't get there on Sat or Sun. On Friday I bought some more school clothes for him so I went up to Bakersfield last night after work and gave them to him.

I was going to drive alone but my mom said she wanted to go. She drove and we had a nice drive and listened to the audio version of the book THE HELP. Very entertaining. I was glad she did drive because I was tired on the way a back. I had spent twelve hours with Clara and still had to be at work this morning at 7. My mom didn't work yesterday. Thankfully she's enjoying herself and is not at the police station anymore.

C: Now, this is all covered by my insurance right?

Me: Yes, all of it.

C: Oh good.

Nina went back to bed and he went to check on her.

C: Honey, would you come and watch TV with me? I would love it.

As she got up he held her and kissed her face. She hugged him back and let her head fall on his shoulder for a moment.

And now they are in the living room. Drinking tea. Watching TV.

Oh, by the way, Uraeus liked the clothes. Except the army fatigue pants. He didn't like those. That's cool. I'll give them to Lynette's son.


C: So, you're all paid for by the insurance right?

Me: Yes, I am.


Their breakfast has been sitting on the table since 9:15 but she won't eat until he comes out of the bathroom and sits to eat with her.


They have finished eating and she went back to bed.

I'm so sleepy. I would love to go to bed. I'm looking forward to that when I get home.

C: Are you all paid for with insurance?

Me: Yes, I am.

I wonder what would happen if I said "No, your insurance doesn't cover me. So far you owe me $200 and by 7pm when I leave you will owe me $1,000."

He is playing a tape of the history of the Red Car. That was the public transportation system in California.


Glenda, my supervisor just called and said that they have a "situation" and they need me to go to the Milk residence and do a live in until Wednesday. Don't know what happened but it sounds like Mr. Milk got on someone's nerves and they walked out. Which I can easily see happening. What is crazy though is that I probably won't even be updated on what happened. I'll just walk into the aftermath I guess.


Katy just called me! She's a good friend of Debra, my all time favorite client. Now ex client though. I'm not with Debra anymore because she moved out of her place and in with Katy who lives in another county. Katy, the family and the agency in the other county wanted me to work out there but it would have meant that I would have had to quit the agency I'm with and I really didn't want to burn that bridge with my agency so soon. Anyway, Katy just called to tell me how great Debra is doing. I'm so happy for her.


Seriously, I'm getting a little bored with watching the Red Car history videos. When each one ends then he has another one. Volume one, volume two, three, four...

See how we are as human beings? Looking for something to complain about.

In a way I hope they find someone else to work the Milk case. I don't really want to do a live in case right now, especially going until Wednesday.

C: So I'm sure glad that I got that insurance plan. I do have it don't I?

Me: Yes, you do.

C: So this is what we have here. Wanna watch it?

(Yaaaayy! It's a video of The Street Car - The Final Years)

Me: Oh sure, I'd love to. That looks really interesting. Street Cars huh?

C: Oh yeah. So um, you're all covered with my insurance right? I don't have to pay anything out of pocket do I?

Me: No, you're completely covered.

C: That's good.

Now we're watching the Final Years of the Streetcar. Yay!

One hundred five million people ride the subway every year. Did you know that?

Wow, he's 83 years old. I didn't know that and would never have guessed. So is she. They both look so good.

C: Where's my white hair right?

Me: Right!

I guess it's true. A body in motion stays in motion.

C: So, I'm gonna take my bath.

Me: Ok.

C: (Coming out of the bathroom walking toward me with his towel) So you're covered with my insurance right?

Me: Oh yes. Completely.

C: We don't have a co pay or anything like that?


The other caregiver arrived. I'm not scheduled to be at Mr. Milk's home until 7.


I'm home from the art supply store and now I need a nap. I am so freaking tired. I got in at about 2 this morning then got up at 6 and now preparing myself for a two day overnight with a new client. Who has a dog! I don't like to go to homes with animals. When I trained at that house I left hoping they would never assign me to that house.

I like him as a client but I see how he manipulates the caregivers who work for him. If they leave he cries until they agree to stay longer. He won't take his medicine until they spend way too much time begging him. I don't want that.

It's about 10:00pm and I told him I was gonna go lie down. He got really sad. I told myself not to fall for it and keep shutting the house down. He just came in the room where I'm sleeping and said, "this isn't gonna work is it?"

Me: Why?

M: Because you and I have different hours.

Me: Well, I'm tired right now and I need to get some rest so that I can get up and prepare things for you in the morning.

He had the saddest look on his face and wheeled himself into his room. The dog, for some reason wanted to stay in my room. I don't know why dogs don't know I don't dig them.

M: Princess! Princess!

I knew that was coming. I carried the dog into his room and put her on his bed. I walked out and went back to "my" room. A few minutes later I heard him crying. Softly at first, then louder, then even louder. I knew it wasn't going to stop until I went in there.

Me: What's wrong, Mr. Milk?

M: (Loud crying) Well, umm... (crying)

Me: What's wrong?

M: It's obvious you don't want to be here.

Now keep in mind this is the same man who when I arrived told me that he didn't want me here and I could just wait in the car. He's always like that with new people.

Me: Why? Because I said I wanted to lie down? Mr. Milk, I got up very early and I'm tired. It's not about you.

I tried to sound sympathatic and steady in my position at the same time. If I gave in and said, "ok, let's play a game of cards, or watch TV or something" then he would always do that to me.

When Lisa, the caregiver from the last shift, was leaving today he said "Well, I won't be here tomorrow."

L: Why?

M: Well, why bother? Nobody likes me and nobody wants me around. I may as well just go.

I really do feel for him but I would be doing myself harm by being pulled into it. I know because I've allowed myself to be sucked into that kind of drama my whole life.

"Gettin' old aint for sissies." That's the last thing Mr. Minute said to me before I left his home.

Me: It sure aint.

It sure aint.

M: Ok. Well then you go to sleep then.

Me: Ok.

He told me tonight that his mother died when he was seven years old. I wonder if it's a trigger for him everytime a woman or anyone leaves him.

Well, now I am going to turn in. This room is a little creepy to me but I'm going to close the door because I didn't like that Mr. Milk seemed to want me to keep it open. Too bad it doesn't have a lock on it.

Ok, as much as I complain about Clara, she's my new favorite. She gives me shit but she aint gettin' out of the bed unless I get her out and she talks straight. That manipulation stuff is one of my personal triggers. I can't stand it and I know when it's happening.

Now I've hyped myself up and I can't sleep. Shoot!

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