Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Monday morning prayer (from journal entry 8-8-11)

Dear God,

Thank You for this day. Thank You for waking me up in a sound mind, in a comfortable bed, in a home. Thank You for breakfast, for warmth, clean water, air in my lungs, blood in my veins. Thank You for my eyesight, my hearing, sense of touch, my lashes that blink, my heart that beats. Thank You for the intricate details of my body and how it functions. Thank You, Father for everything You do for me, for the world of things that I don’t even know to thank You for.

Thank You , dear Mother for blessing me to be at work right now. Bless me, Mother this day please. With compassion, with energy, with understanding and wisdom. Please bless me to speak when I should speak and be silent when I should be. Please guide my tongue. Speak through me. Feel and love, touch and listen, create and imagine through me. Great Guide, thank You for all that you are.

Thank You for being everything I could need. For being Father and Mother. For being Sister and Friend, Brother and Protector. Leader and Speaker, Listener and Food. Shelter and Teacher. Thank You holy holy Spirit. Thank You for breathing and living in me.

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