Monday, February 27, 2012

I know why I saved this message

Hey beautiful it's Azikiwe.
I just wanted to talk to you for a minute, and
tell you that you are going to
be missed tremendously. Your feature a few weeks
ago was amazing, I really
was moved. I am bllessed to have met you, and
experience your words, your art,
and your knowledge.
Things happen for a reason and I guess God is
moving you to Atlanta. Change is
good. Well you have inspired me, and I hate to see
you go.
My art is keeping me alive. I'm selling prints
which is good. I have to get into the
galleries next year, that's my goal.
Anyway I will see you on the other side of the
moon, and share colors with you.
I wish you the best. I have a gift for you, so
don't leave without getting at me.

I was looking for a manuscript that I saved in my hotmail account and found this wonderful message from Azikewe from December 2005. Missing you Azikiewe.

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