Monday, February 27, 2012

THE NIKEL chapter 28

Malik was at the radio station where he worked. Behind him there were posters of him advertising his books, MY BROTHER and MONEY, POWER, RESPECT. While he was on the air, Obrey walked in slowly and stared at him. She closed the door to the studio entrance. Malik turned around in the recording booth and saw her. He motioned for her to hold on for a moment and turned around and leaned in to the microphone. Suddenly the door slammed and the posters hanging behind him were on fire on the floor. Malik got off the microphone and hurried to put the fire out.

Obrey went to visit Amad in jail. "I know it's too late, but I'm sorry for everything, Obrey. I'm sorry I listened to Malik before you. This whole thing was his idea and I was stupid enough to be a part of it. Everything was in my name because he supposedly had too many tax problems. Things stopped adding up a long time ago with Malik, but I didn't want to believe my boy woud do that to me. Obrey, I may be in here for a long time. There's no one else I trust with Jewel. Please Obrey." Obrey slowly slumped down in her seat as she put the phone down.

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