Thursday, September 27, 2012

A love in progress

We are brick hugs and cotton candy grunts before the let go
Head tilted kisses
Crooked necks
Lips agape
Tongues and fingertips interlocked
Leg cramps and water breaks
This is where real life meets
Peppermint and lily fairy tales

Arms awkward and tingly
Spines twisted into pretty brown bow
Grown folks
On hunter green sheets how we do
Late night TV watching us
We are making this night up in the moment

Speak to me
Through pant, sweat drip and arm flex
Lift me
With story, moan and memory
Remind me late in the God hour
In warm breath whisper and incomplete stutter
How boy you become when I sleep

Use me thoughtfully

I am worried about my position here
Hold me make me safe
I need you to respond when I reach
My giddy gets itchy when it has to wonder
Hide my worry from the boogiemen who lust for my afraid
I am ass on the line
Desperate for your concern
Ready for your rescue

This could be our chance to be who we want to be
Who we are in our dreams
New York tall and Georgia hot
Texas wide and California fire
We deserve this life
Let us plant flag behind bedpost
Grow nation inside these four walls
In this right now

I take care of you easy

You are always there
In my head
Attending my day
Co writing my night

I am liking the magic and movement
Excitement and polish
The details make the difference

There is more than one way to love
I am open for exploration, test drive and trial
Show me the car facts
Ride with me
Front seat this fantasy
In those moments
Those when those thoughts interrupt moments
And dot dot dot

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