Saturday, September 29, 2012

Grown free

Do you have any idea where you lost it
The longing to play again
Build mud pies and give them to girl
Wear bright colors and funny shoes
Lip kiss outside
Touch butt under sun without regard
So what the neighbors

Don't lose hold of all that man you have become
Sunday pedicures just for fun
A grown ass man never has to announce his presence
We know

Do I remind you of someone
A cheerleader you used to chase
A secretary you dared to call
A vision you almost reached
A fuck you couldn't release

We can play strangers
If you want
If that makes it easier to talk
Tell me the worry in your tongue
Untangle the gargle of your vowels
The cough in your consonants

And just tell me, baby
You don't have to keep it interesting
I can keep up all on my own

When did it all go away
The want for dance and scream
For 7 eleven slushies and nipple fondling
Who told you grown meant this
This only bills and beige walls
This linoleum kitchen and shower doors

Who said you couldn't play

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