Friday, September 28, 2012


I am hungry for the whiplash
My blood wicked from the wind
'Cross my back my feet my knees

I am lost
You make it easy for me to get what I seed

Contour to my make
Transform my safe to your impinge
I am foggy from all this spin
Still there is more to be had
I cannot walk away

Your sun and my homemade
Make the sweetest lemonade
You are thirsty
You dig the way I know

I chiseled through desert ground
To find your putty
Now you gon' act all shy

Cover my eyes and take me somewhere
I wouldn't know without your guide
There is a decision to be made
A forward a back
A pathway to be laid

Wrap me around your simple
I set you free in all my functioning
This can be bliss if we let it
Insane where we want
Let's let it work for us now

There is afterlife to love we create
DNA in songs we made
Manna along the cloud we follow
And there is you
Filling every space I hollow

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