Friday, September 28, 2012

No homo hatred

I don't believe that there is any such thing as homophobia. There is only homo hatred. I don't like being in the company of people who bash gay people. They always sound ignorant. I don't see how I can be friends with people who hate other people. I know and love so many gay people who I know to be loving, kind, generous spirits. I can't sit quietly and hear people put others down. Not on my watch.

Who is anybody to decide that someone else shouldn't have the same civil rights as everyone else just because of who they choose to sleep with? Why are people so obsessed with the sexual preferences of others? Even people who consider homosexuality sinful are still people who are doing other sinful things. Ok, so someone else's sin is more sinful than yours? I used to attend a church in Atlanta and one day at church the pastor had everyone come into the church and close the doors. He got all dramatic about it too with the whispered preacher voice and all. He demanded that everyone close their eyes and asked everyone who were homosexuals or had homosexual thoughts to raise their hands. "I see your hand. I see your hand." The congregational interrogation went on for over fifteen minutes. In all that time, mind you, there were no hands asked to be raised for those who were cheating on their wives, not paying taxes, beating their children, lying or anything else. It felt like a witch hunt. That or the pastor was looking for a date. I never went back to that church after that.

I really try to show love and patience to homo haters. I do. I have work to do in that area because my friendships with them are always guarded. But I'm working. Working on me. Hope they are working on themselves. And listen, clearly I'm not perfect. I'm sure I do things and have beliefs that don't sit well with others. I know. This topic was just well, on me today. Again, I'm working on myself.

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