Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Operation easy today

Good morning all. It's 10:10 and I'm at home getting ready for work. It's a beautiful day outside and right now I'm pretty slow about getting out into it. I'm feeling well and still on a mission to be easy with myself. I need easy today. I got yesterday's message loud and clear that the sinking feeling is on the horizon. I don't know if I can prevent it from coming or not but I can sure prepare myself with loving myself and doing the best I can to create an environment of peace.

Red Stories is coming up on Sunday! Yay! The features for this month are George McDonald and Eboni also known as Judy Holiday. I am looking forward to hearing them. I love them both so much both professionally and artistically. If you're in the Los Angeles area come out and enjoy Red Stories. It's at Vibrations at 2435 Manchester Blvd., Inglewood, CA 90305. It starts at 7:30 and there is no cover.

It's 10:24 right now and I need to get up and get out of here. Enjoy your day today. I sure intend to.

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