Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yes! A lovely day!

It is 10:56pm and I am at home. Just finished posting some of the photos from the time I spent with Ann today. Ahhhhh Ann! I so love her. I always feel light when I am in her presence and even when I leave. We had a great conversation about stories we nurture and moving on into love. Yes, Ann. Yes.

Our time today was just what I needed. Walking in the water, at time walking arm in arm feeling her energy rush from her to me and then mine leave my body to share space with hers. Really, it sounds all ice cream and bubble gum, but it was like that. I needed every moment of the walk, the talk, the connection.

I am beginning a mural in a woman's home and I got some great ideas today for the project. I knew being with Ann would inspire something. Some new poem, story, painting. Some new something.

I am thankful for this day. Thankful for the time to walk with Ann, the head space and energy. Thankful for my son who said he had a great day today. Thankful for my home and a partner who cares enough about me to remain beautifully, wonderfully, patiently even when I am way up or so far down light is fairy tale. I am thankful for this happiness I am holding in my heart, this light racing in my veins. I am thankful for my friends and family. For this blog and creativity. I am thankful for this quiet moment at 11:08 on this couch. Thankful for a hot shower and peppermint soap and food and love. Grateful for it all right now. At peace in praise because I am .

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