Thursday, June 13, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 164 - Gratitude

I am thankful for family and family time
For moments spent watching my young cousin and niece play beach soccer
For breathing in easy conversation with my sister and uncle
While walking near water

I am thankful for my eyes witnessing day
This day
This day that seemed so far away last night
Last night was hard
The last two weeks have been hard
There is still good in hard
And good does not disappear complicated
Good does not disappear the valley of depression
And dangerous thoughts

I am thankful for thirty mile drives
For parks and flowers and pulling over
To talk to a friend
A good good friend who is also cousin
I am thankful for the tears I have been crying for the past two weeks
I am thankful for the ledge
For cousin who will breathe with me on the phone
I am thankful for space to release
Thankful for land under my feet
For steady in my head

I am thankful for friends
For last night and great entertainment
I am thankful for my own fool self
When I think I have to pretend to be happy and cheer
With so much cry and weep behind my eyes
I am thankful for true jump and smile and grin
And necks to hug and hold

I am thankful for son, sister, mother, uncle, cousin
For friend, water, ocean, drive
Air all blowing in my face
I am thankful for this calm
This good good easy
Resting on my

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