Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 175 - We the people

Remember when we pretended racism was a long time ago like slavery like Jim Crow like devils and boogiemen and then one day rain fell down and washed all the color away and then we were all like this nation of blind people walking around in mis matched socks and dating on opposite sides of the tracks and all was fair in love and land and we elected a black president who had a black wife and two black girls with twisty hair and then somehow and we don't know how but schools started closing and prisons opened all over the land and people who spent much of their lives and had children here were deported and families were separated again and we still had hope and then Assata was back on the FBI wanted list like hard core and then all these killings in all these schools happened and we were still all on some we are the greatest country in the world type dream and a bunch more stuff happened and then George Zimmerman just might get off and the Supreme Court was like nah on the Voters Rights Act and then people, good good people started to see what they never wanted to see before

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