Thursday, June 27, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 177 - That I am

I am a black woman
I am full body
I am loud mouth
I am quiet
I am artist
I am nappy
I am deep voice
I am shit talk

I am mother
I am complicated
I am you better axe somebody
I am slang
I am perfect grammar
I am use words well

I am poet

I am my sister's keeper
I am you fuck with her you fuck with me
I take sides
I am funny like that
What? You aint laughin'
I am doin' what I can do
I am friend
I am you know when I aint got feelin's for you
I am alive

I am confident
I am sexy
I am smart
I am attitude
I am insecure
I am my best friend
I am brave
I am comfortable like cotton in my skin

I am this
I am the opposite of this
I am don't put me in a box
I am you will be disappointed every time

I am forty plus
I am jeans
I am glasses
I am book smart
I am hip hop history

Whatchu know about old school anything?

I am all this Harriett
I am back against a wall
I am angry
I am carve a hole
I am you will not take me alive
I am higher road
I am sage and peace
I am common sense

I am you aint never gon be ready for me

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