Sunday, June 9, 2013

I was talking to Donny in the green room Friday night at Highways about news. About bad news. About all the death and killing. Friday, as I was getting dressed to go to the theatre on the news was the report of a man who shot and killed five people he did not know near Santa Monica College. That location is a short jump and skip from the theatre. The shooter, by the way, was also killed. So six dead and others injured almost around the corner from where I was booked to recite poetry, about love. "Bad news is the exception." Donny said. "There is more good in the world." I do believe that. I do. I write about bad news so much. I don't look for it. It finds me. So will good, so will happiness and joy, if I write about it with habit.

Enjoy your day. I intend to.

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