Saturday, June 22, 2013

Today was day three and the official close of the Gray Family Reunion. I had a wonderful time reuniting and getting to know family. Also getting to know some family as friends. I am so glad that my son was there to be a great part in the weekend. He was one of the leads in the family play last night. Yes, family play, we go hard. Also just watching him interact with other family members just made me even more proud of the man he is and is becoming. There was so much that happened this weekend. Shout out to the reunion committee, of which my mother and Uncle Therman are a part. This post was meant as a one or two sentence free write and not really a full recap of the weekend. That will come later. In spurts. Maybe.

One of my favorite moments happened tonight after the family church service, We. Go. Hard. when my cousin Linda and I shared in conversation and realized that we had many of the same passions and care in and for humanity and the world. There was this moment when she stopped being just cousin and someone I am greatly looking forward to sharing friendship, ideas, words, tea, energy with. We played with each other as children and in my mind she was little cousin. Hallelujah for growing up and connecting as adults.

Tomorrow folks will come to the house where my mother lives and where many of them either grew up or grew up visiting. The Long Beach house. It's been a long weekend and still excited about tomorrow.

Rest well, y'all.

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