Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday morning inspiration

Rev. Jones asked me to write the Friday morning inspiration posts for her email listserve and I accepted. It's been going on, I don't know, I guess about nine months now. Maybe longer. I appreciate the opportunity each week to post because on many many Thursday nights I just don't feel that inspirational. But then, something comes over me after the first line of the testimony, the first stanza of the poem or whatever. And I got it. I am only inspiring myself, only giving to myself as I give to the world.

Here is a suggestion, as you see what you need within yourself, give it to the world and watch it land on you. The poem below is the post that came out today.

Thank you Rev. Jones and bless you all at Help Somebody Ministries.

I am inspired this morning
to walk slower
to breathe deeper
to love more closely

To sit still
speak with intention
rest with acceptance
embrace with forgiving arms

I am thankful this morning
for another chance
to express my love
to live my dreams

To praise God with my life

I take the opportunity today
to tell the truth
admit the lie
move on from yesterday
to encourage somebody

I wake up this morning

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