Thursday, September 22, 2011

Good morning Thursday

It's 8:23 and I've been awake for a few hours now. On and off. In a good mood. Another day of a lot to do. That has something to do with being in a good mood, I think. When there's work to do I push aside whatever might be looming in the background and get the work done. But seriously, my things to do list is not the only reason for my good headspace, I'm cool today, because I am. Because God is good and there is never ever any separation between us.

The show last night in Pomona went well. George recorded it for me but the bright light directly behind me had my face completely blocked out and I choose not to post a video of me looking like the headless horseman. But I greatly enjoyed myself and Judah is one of my favorite hosts on the scene. He is young, funny, handsome and uber intelligent. Plus I like watching him on stage now because I kinda watched him grow up. I remember him being this little boy(like) and now he's all grown up. Love you, Judah.

I'm watching the news on ABC right now wondering if they are going to say anything about the (wrongful) execution of Troy Anthony Davis in Georgia yesterday. (Dear Geogria, you are awful. I'm glad I don't call you home anymore.) I just tuned in about six minutes ago but so far, nothing. Maybe there was a big report before I tuned in. Maybe, but maybe (likely) not. Sad about that, though I'm trying not to use the word sad today. Ok they must have shown it because now they are showing a Hawaiian band and really if they talk about Mr. Davis after that, then damn.

It's 8:38 and my get up time is 9 so I'll talk to you people later on today. Or not.

I love you all. I do. Love yourselves too.

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