Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, family. It's 9:20am and I am up ready to continue my painting groove. It's been so long since I've painted that I am so excited about it. And I have all these brand new canvases. Yes. I'm telling you, something about painting that helps me return to center. And I really need to.

Yes, I'm happy this morning. Just because. That's the best reason. Also I just checked out my website and my new slideshow is up on the home page. I like it. It's playing to Joe Crocker's "You are so beautiful." The site is still being redeveloped so hang in there with me, but I do like what's going on and I hope you do to. The address, in case you don't know it is, You may also get to this blog from there.

As much as I try to stay away from painting masks they call me. They scream, "let me out!" from the canvas. So I just may do that all day today and have a series of masks. A couple I will keep but most I will sell.

Today I seriously suggest that you find something that helps you return to or stay at your center, your peace, your calm space, your happiness. That space where you recognize that God, who is the higest expression of divine love, is right there inside of you. There is never ever separation between you and God. Between God and me. I know that where I am, there He is also. There She is also. Loving me. Waiting. For me to recognize.

I love you all. I do.

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