Saturday, September 17, 2011

Art is a process, 16" x 20" untitled and unfinished

It's still a beautiful day. I stopped by Laura's house on my way home and as usual we had a great conversation. She, not even knowing about my desire to paint today said, "You know, there are some canvases in the garage do you want some of them?" But of course I do. See, that's how God works. Love it. I don't even know what I want to paint, but then I never do. I painted a mask at first then decided I didn't want a mask so I painted over it. I usually do that, paint over the first thing I paint. So now the canvas is painted black and I'll create something on top of that later.

I feel ok. Besides the time I spend with my son I am most at home when I am painting. I love the solitude of painting. I like the television on in the background. I like to have something on that I can stand in the background. Not a movie I'm really interested in. Right now they are introducing the cast of Survivor. I've never seen that show and it's only on this long because they said that one of the cast members is a slam poet and I wonder if I know him/her. I don't think so because if I did then I think I would have heard about it by now. We'll see.

Mostly, I'm happy about the canvases. Find out what makes you happy and at peace today and do it.

Love yourselves today loved ones.


I just added step two to the painting. I guess I am led to a mask after all.


Step 3 is pictured in between 1 and 2. It's the one with the red addition without the face. So you see, art is a process.


Step 4 is the first picture on this entry. I can't seem to load them in order and trying further will take more time than I feel like. So it seems that less is more. I'm editing out.


I need to leave this alone for the night and look at it with fresh eyes in the morning.


Step 5 is the second picture on this entry. Now I'm getting to where I like the painting. I usually start with thin lines but I'm never satisfied with them. I love very thick bold lines. It's close to being finished. As if any painting is ever really finished. I will fill in the lines a bit more and then that may be it. May be.

Good morning family.

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