Thursday, September 22, 2011

Troy Anthony Davis

My heart is so heavy with this. I am sad for all of us. I am sad for those who rejoice in this man's death. It hurts deeply that we would kill a man with no evidence. Justice should look different from this. Justice should be sure. If it will not be fair, as its name suggests, it should at least be sure. I ache for you who felt like this is someone else's problem. I am sorry for those of you who feel like the battle is over.

I am not ready to write this poem
this free write
this free style
this sad story

about us
and Georgia
and death
and this is about all of us
whether we see ourselves in him or not
whether we believe in the system or not

Troy Anthony Davis
Troy Anthony Davis
no matter how many times you say his name
his body is dead

it is hard to believe in a system like this
killing a man under the law
lack of evidence
and truth
and trust

color lines and class lines
and lines I can't see
you wouldn't do this to your own
you wouldn't
not like this
not like this

not without absolute
not without knowing

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