Saturday, March 24, 2012

Church lady hat Alice's birthday day!

Good morning wonderful people. I'm up this morning getting ready for the day. Heading out soon for Alice's birthday party. We are all wearing huge church lady hats! So exciting, 'cause I have been wanting to kill the game for a long time. It's on ladies. So glad I'm feeling well today. Wasn't when I got up this morning but I was like hell to da naw and created greatness for the day. I used to wake up and say "ok Jaha, this is going to be a good day ok?" But now I have to say at least every fifteen minutes, "looka here Jaha, let's just get through these next few minutes as best as possible." In the last two weeks I have wigged out on everybody in my life, with the exception of my son, mom and sister and maybe one or two others. Seriously, I am majorly requesting a do over. Please. For real, if in the last two weeks if you thought it was me or you, smart money is on that it was me.

Today though, today I'm going to have a good day. Even if I have to keep taking myself to the bathroom by the ear and giving myself something to cry about. Or however the black spanking mama saying goes. Thank God I didn't come from that and that I didnt become it. Anyway, enjoy yourselves today.

My church lady hat is better than yours!

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