Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dear Lot

You don't know me but from time to time your story crosses my agenda. On some lecture, some study, some conversation. Now I can't truthfully say that I know you either as I am...after your time. Really I have only read about pieces of probably the lowest hours of your very long life. Those pieces though Lot, shape my judgment of you.

To get to my point, and so that you know, I am a mother and a daughter and in my years I have known plenty of fathers. My confusion (judgment really) is how you sacrificed your daughters for the safety of two strangers. I don't know any father who would do that. In fact, most of the fathers I know "wish a man WOULD"...Lot, did you see A Time to Kill? Maybe it wasn't an easy decision for you. Maybe it didn't go down like it was written. The maybes are infinite. Please pardon my cynicism, that's just my way. It front seats my anger at how women and children get pushed to the back when conflicting issues arise.

There are so many sections of this story that razor my female and parental sensibilities, my southern baptist upbringing, my Malcolm X for social justice, not to mention my penchant for alcohol, rap music and socially offensive language. See Lot, I would have been among the sinners afire in Gommorah had you met me on any random day. Perhaps had you met me some time before my meditation or morning journaling you would have deemed me ripe for destruction. But then maybe you would have thought me righteous after and hour or two over tea or coffee with me at Starbucks. After you perused my blog or saw me perform poetry on BET. Most people I know think I'm quite wonderful. Though I have my around the way girl ways. Bamboo earrinigs, at least two pair, a Fendi bag, a bad attitude (maybe you get it).

I am curious, in your conversation with God, why did you stop negotiating? Why did any have to die? God was a quick yes to all of your counter offers. And if there was just someone who had to go as sacrifice because of the sin, why didn't you offer yourself? Since you are in the sacrificing game and all. I mean, you for the world instead of your daughters for the men would have been a much better legacy I think. After all, you were already a hundred I think. I'm not being fair. Perhaps maybe all of this is just bigger than my female understandings can hold. I hope you have a nice day though, Lot. Thank you for taking the time for someone like me.

We cool?


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