Friday, November 1, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 304 - Gratitude

I am immensely grateful for my body twisting last night
In the most myriad of pretzel
My feet butterfly in the covers
Celebrating the breeze in the air
Way I love an October night
Then my lotus self awakening to this new day
To the sun pomp and patient through my blinds
I will celebrate this day
I will celebrate the yesterdays that did not swallow me whole
Even when I begged
I am thankful today for a heart and mind and spirit
That wants to live a long and beautiful life
I am ever grateful for my son
Whose face fits easy in my hands
Whose cheeks are still ripe for his mother's kiss
I am thankful for the ways my mind has healed and is healing
Through stretch and prayer and pills
I am thankful for doctors
For friends who bent knee and folded hands for me
Thankful for lifted fingers and raised heads
O the moon
How thankful am I for the moon that watched and followed me at night
Through streets and dim roads, under bridges and 'round valleys
I am grateful
I am easy
With myself
With others on this journey
Connected to me and to God and to water
I am thankful for all this perfect magnet rain

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