Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dream last night

Last night I had a dream that Oprah Winfrey hired me to work with her and her team. The work place was in a big field, it looked like a baseball field or some old park. Everyone was busy and happily doing their work except for me. There was a dog on the field, and anyone who knows me knows I am afraid of dogs. The dog was a big, rowdy, scary German Shepard who ran freely. No one seemed to mind the dog, Oprah, of course, loved him. I was terrified. So afraid I couldn't stay on the field. I noticed that the more fear I displayed, the more attention the dog paid me.

In the dream I never actually left, the dream ended with me at the fence giving myself my favorite pep talk. Now that I'm awake I know that dreams don't happen by accident. There is always a message, even if the message is don't have burritos for late night dinner. And seeing is how I had no spicy late meal, I knew Spirit was telling me something deeper.

I have a few projects growing manifestation right now but the only one I am on the fence about is the novel I'm writing. I know I can write it but I'm scared to tell the story. My own fear is actually the dog on the field. How was Oprah connected? I don't know. Maybe book club or something. And the baseball field was probably a symbol of me choosing to show up suited ready to play the game or sit out. It's a line in my favorite self pep talk.

This was my dream, that could really be a dream or I could let it be a nightmare by running from it. This morning I am thankful for the dream. Thankful for the reminder of choice. I am thankful for renewed excitement about the project. I am packing my bag for work now and included, thankfully, are my novel notes.

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