Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NaNoWriMo - day 13 - From the Facebook page of Valerie Bridgeman


November 13, 2013 at 4:15pm
In one of my posts about the "criminalization of black corpses," re: Renisha McBride, a conversation generated that I'm going to post here. I get accused of being "negative" and posting "racially charged 'stuff' to agitate racial animosity" (no, really--someone said that about me). I post so that we know. REALLY know that this #blackmamatrauma is real. And so that we put our hands to the work of community- and relationship-building, which is at the core of what it means to be Beloved Community, fueled by G*d's grace. But if we don't "stare into the abyss, we will continue to lie to ourselves about "reconciliation" and "post-racial" realities. Of course there is MUCH to celebrate. Like this conversation:

Renee Roederer: I just cannot fathom how it is possible that a person can kill a human being, admit to it, and not be arrested right away. If he is going to claim self-defense, isn't that for a trial and jury? Renisha McBride has been killed… Doesn't that require an arrest?

Jaha Zainabu: Unfortunately Renee, people of color have become resigned to fathom it and anticipate it. This breaks my heart. Every single time.

Valerie Hugsy Bridgeman: Renee,.... what Jaha said....

Renee Roederer: I suppose I sit in a mix of "this should not be!" shock and "it so often is. . ." resignation. And I know that I say that from a place of privilege. I cannot assume to know or imagine that it feels like to wade through these traumas as a person of color. . . . Prayers.

Valerie Hugsy Bridgeman: #blackmamaTRAUMA

Jaha Zainabu: Thank you, Renee for your prayers and for your shock. We need shock and should not be. We do. We have our hands full with dear God, please not another. And then there is another. There are so many funerals. More than you read about. Please feel the tremor in the hands of the next black woman's hand you shake. It is that serious, sister. It is. Please imagine getting dressed every day and included in your morning prayers are, mother, father god please don't let my baby get shot today.

Renee Roederer: That is a fear that is hard to imagine, and I know people who live this each day. I will think of you and others when I shake those hands.

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