Friday, November 8, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 311 - Gratitude

I am thankful for this day
For the walk to the bus stop
The crowded bus
My car still in repair
I am thankful for my son
For his health and safety
For family and friends
For extended family and
Friends of friends
I am thankful for my body
All of my body
For my mind
The pleasant thoughts I have of myself
I am thankful for finding good in the world
For the birds chirping
Making it to work on time
For a job to get to
For nature
The dogs quiet across the room
A good rest last night
For celebrating a birthday with a friend last night
For good food
All of my senses
The sun
I am thankful for water
For my health
For my protection
I give thanks for my ancestors
For Vanessa's cancer being in remission
I am thankful that the cancer never belonged to her in the first place
Thankful for breath
For my mother
My sister
Niece and nephew
I am thankful for all this love in my heart
For my aunts and uncles
For stretchy pants and fury boots
For medication
I am thankful for all this life I have
All the life ahead of me
I am thankful for couples who show me that coupling is possible
For my mother's smile and happiness
I am thankful for laughter
And love
I am am ever thankful for love and being thankful
At all

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