Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NaNoWriMo - day 6 - New things on my to get list

1. A computer. Because mine went to shit and I lost all of my information. Yes, photos and all. And now I have to go to Long Beach to edit photos on my mom's computer and if you know my mom, she's on her computer.

2. A music stand. Because the medication I'm on is causing my hand to shake a bit and I refused my doctor's advice on taking medication to stop that. And I need to hold papers and a notebook on stage without looking like I'm brand new at this thing called performance poetry.

3. A video camera. Because I want to video stories of interesting people. I know so many. I try to do it on my iPad but I can only post up to six minutes. I want whole conversations about life and roller coasters and peanut butter and jelly sandwich habits in the middle of the night.

4. Money. I have bills due like crazy but numbers 1, 3 and some others will take care of that. 

5. I want my audiobook completed. The engineers I'm working with are super badass and it will be done soon. They are on the final steps and, well, soon. 

6. Tights in any color size 2xl and UGG (ish) boots size 10 women's any color.  Because that gear makes me feel comfortable and fly.

7. Plants. Just because.

8. A new phone. Because the Metro phone I'm using no longer provides GPS. Who thought that was a good idea?

9. Socks. Funky colors. Because I just can't have enough.

10. Moments to be thankful and take in more moments. I am so thankful that trivial things like this are on my to get list. 

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