Thursday, January 17, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 17 - Dear Isaac

What if the story was never your father's 
What if the lesson to the world was meant from your vantage
How old were you
At what moment did you know
The story sings his faith and courage
But what about you
Was there no wiggle
No struggle to escape
When did you give in
Who saw the ram first
Who heard the voice
What was it like the second after
Did he speak on the walk down Moriah
What did he say
Did you run tell your mother
Your beautiful mother
Who was barren for so many years 
Did you trust him after that
How protected did you feel
Did your mother sing to you that night
Rub your head while you slept

Did you flinch for years after every time he called you son

What did he tell you about his god to make you stay
Please tell me, Isaac
What words did he say
Tell me about that kind of faith

O it is a lovely song, Isaac
How he had a son 
Was ready to sacrifice his only one
But you were not
They could not have forgotten about Ishmael
What about your brother

It is like that, you know
With women and children
We are forgotten and dispensable

You ever wonder why you
Why your life was up for gamble
What if he had not heard the voice or saw the ram
What if he acted too soon
Then what
Then what about you
Don't mind me, brother
I was always inquisitive

What if the miracle was due to your faith
And not his

What about others
After and before you 
With no last minute bells to be saved by
Do you ever wonder

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