Friday, January 18, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 18 - Dear Jaha

The day will happen
But not if you don't take a minute to breathe
If you do not breathe
The day will not happen
Not for you
Burlington Coat Factory will open
But you will not get new leggings or boots
You will not pick up your son 
And you will not complain about
His phone not being charged
You will actually disappear
Because you did not take a minute
For you

Work does not count
Breaks at work do not count
The bank after work
The post office before that
Your appointment with the doctor this morning
The dishes
Separating the laundry
Getting the car washed
And going to Ralph's Market
Even to get fifteen items or less
None of this counts
Especially if your shoulders are tight
And you are holding your breath the whole time

The post office the stores
The car the job
The traffic and McDonald's 
Only matter when you let go
When you take in the moment
All of the moments

Aretha Franklin's Say a little prayer playing at the bank
The security guard with the deep voice and perfect smile at CVS
Leggings two for fourteen dollars at Rainbow
The twenty dollar bill under the seat

This is what counts
This being still in your car
In a parking lot
On Crenshaw and Imperial
Watching the buses roll in
Letting go

And if you did not laugh at the man
Selling bootleg videos and fake Louis Vuitton bags
With a sweat shirt that said
Then you missed the whole point of the day

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