Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 23 - Read

Sometimes it just rains
Without any other why
The water just falls
Sometimes we just lose keys
Forget password
Wake up late
Sometimes we just fall
We are busy being
We read everything into the now
And miss the isness of what just is
Not always
But sometimes
The sky just opens 
To give water
What if the chair is sitting there
Because it has not been put away
And it is not calling you to rest
What if
The bowl of fruit
Cup of tea
Glass of wine
Are not begging you partake
The dress on sale
Car within your range
Shoes just your size
Are just there for you to view
Sometimes we take the just is for a sign
So we miss the tree
Just being a tree
We miss the detail on the bee
The flower
What if God just wanted you
To see
What if your journey was to walk
To think
And you missed the is in the lesson
And heard a call to preach

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