Saturday, January 26, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 26 - This just in

Today I don't know what happened in the world
On purpose
Today I am spending moments with my son
Buying food
School supplies

Today I did not read a newspaper
Or turn on the television
We are enjoying the ride together 
In conversation
For now

I will plug back in 
But for now
My whole world is
Whatever he has to say
Whatever joke he has to tell
School story he wants to unload
Quiet he wants to be

This is what I need

I will read an article
A missing child
Molested mother
Out of work father
My head will cry
I will write a poem
I have become the bad news poet

I am sorry

My son says I apologize too much


I dreamt of being a better witch than this

Where is my wand
My long black skirt
Where is the smoke from my fingers
The fire from my lungs
Where are my magic words that change the world

I am a poet, dammit

Not now though
Now I am a mom
Who escaped to the quiet of the car
To write these words
While my son is busying himself in the fiction isle

This is what I need

This parking lot
This quiet car
This note pad
This no news

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