Thursday, January 31, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 31 - No woman. No cry. All woman. One I.

I am here
Standing sitting lying
Curled in a ball at the foot of my bed
Tall with arms spread
Bent low with chin between knees
Does it really matter to you how I am here
Or why
Is it enough that I woke up this morning
And stayed 'wake all day
I am here out of a need to fill a void in my life
And yours
I am here for healing and inspiration
For life lessons and energy
I am here willingly and by pull
I am here because you believed in me
Because I believed you
I am every woman on her journey to healing
I am here to let you know that you are not alone
I have given you what I have held close to me
Here are the stories behind all of my scars
Here are my boots
Filled with my sweet blood
For you to pour over your gardens
And remember me in the springtime 
Here, take all of my dreams
Wrap them 'round your tongues
Sing to the trees 
Let the birds and wind carry my desires into heaven
I am all of your mothers your sisters
Look at me, pat my head, rub my cheek
Don't I smell like your daughters
Love me like you love your own selves
Talk to me like that
All of me
All of me is every woman you ever loved
So what my religion
My love
My hair my skin
See me 
All of me 
As every shiny star
You have ever lifted above your head 
And held to God to give thanks

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