Sunday, December 22, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 355 - poem 2 - Free write

I just wanna be quiet. I wanna say nothing. I wanna lie here and be still. I wanna wrap my brain around this moment. This nothing moment. I wanna listen to the trains go by. Do you have trains that go by where you live? Do you listen? Do you know that there is always a message in the whistle of a train? I wanna stare at my face in the mirror. And love that woman. Ain't she so pretty? Don't she love so free? Don't she know who she is by now? I just wanna write.  I just wanna tell stories. Stories about babies and ghosts. My grandmama saw ghosts. Did you ever see one? I did. I saw a ghost. We talked with our eyes and then he was gone.

I wanna tell stories. About water. About drowning in all these dreams. I wanna write stories about pictures that come to me in the middle of the night. About words yammering in my head the day long. I wanna sing songs. Songs about freedom and walking free so easy on the streets under the stars.

I wanna ask questions. Questions about hate and why. I wanna ask why we so scared of our own fool selves we hate our sisters. Hate our brothers. I wanna know all this why there is to know. All the wise there is to know.

Wanna read. Read all the tall tales ever been told. All the bold things ever been said. I wanna grow. Tall up to Orion. Reach way past the sky. I wanna come back down to earth. Listen to God as God speaks. On some riverbank far away from folks and evil. I wanna listen to God call the sun to wake. Watch the squirrels run so fast and play.

Then sleep. Don't sleep sound so good? Just close my eyes. Close my eyes. And open them way above.

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