Thursday, February 14, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 45 - To V.B. and L.C.

Yours is the voice that smooths
And wraps its wisdom round my 
Thumping heart when I have no words 
To say
Your listen is the quiet 
That holds me up 
When I could walk into 
The ocean
And never return to shore
You human me
When I am afraid of my reflection
In the river
Who is that woman
With what used to be my face
I remember those hands
Those knees that used to
Bend and reach so free
You blood me
You flesh me
You give me my remember
When I want to run away
You bring me my toes
My legs
Those are my thighs
My breasts and chin
You body me back again
You wing me
You wind me 
You song my skin together 
I am breath because of you
I am blink and tongue
See these arms and veins
You pray and poem
And now I am lungs and bones
Because you believed 

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