Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Regarding Chritopher Dorner

The easiest thing to do in this situation is dismiss someone as crazy. That's just too easy and it pulls attention away from other facts we don't know. That's where the truth is...in the somewhere we don't know. When I was growing up my uncle Bubba used to tell me that the truth is not something handed to you, but something you have to research for yourself. Well, maybe not in all situations but this, I believe is one of those cases.

2:21pm. There is a shoot out going on right now between police and Dorner in the mountains. I'm trying to figure out where they are. Ok, on highway 38 near Glass Road. Where is that? Police said that he has a family tied up in a cabin up there. Police are there now because they were responding to a stolen car. I'm trying to type this as I'm watching the news. 

I'm really sorry that innocent people had to die. I am. For so many years black people specifically have been living every day in fear and constantly harassed by the police. Now they are threatened and harassed. No one is the hero. No side is right. It is sad that it has come to this. That a black man, former cop, former military feels like this is what he had to resort to. Whether he is "crazy" or not, I do believe that this is how people "snap." Because they don't feel heard. Not just Dorner as an individual, but this is what has led us to pop off. Constant pressure and abuse and no justice. 

This is what happens when we see so few examples of justice when we do it the right way. It is horrible that we have little to no faith in the justice system that we feel pushed into taking matters into our own hands. This is a lose/lose situation for us all. 

Ok, they just showed that they are in the San Bernardino mountain area. 

This is awful! Please bear with me. Again, I'm typing as I'm watching. They are searching all of the vehicles along that highway. The police are pointing their weapons inside of each vehicle. They just showed them searching a vehicle where there are children in the van and the officer's guns are pointed at them. And sadly, this is what they have to do because a family was taken and what else are they going to do to protect the citizens in the vicinity?

This just in... Two officers were shot and are being airlifted. 

I'll check back in later. I cannot stay with this all day. I can't. 

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