Saturday, June 29, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 179 - Linked in

I seriously don't understand people 
Who go out of their way to make
Low key digs at people who have never meant them harm
Isn't the world a cactus already
Without your pointed fingers
Your whispers
Your innuendos 

He is too dark
She is too fat
Your jokes
Your Facebook posts
Why is the phrase "go kill yourself" so en vogue
We are human beings
Do you know what that means
We are more fragile than a watermelon 
Dropped from your grandmother's garage
We are blood and seeds dripping sticky all over the concrete
Who will clean this mess
After the foul breath of your laugh
After you see her shoeless and bent and begging on the off ramp
And pass by without a second thought 
As if she was as fixture as the Johnnie's Pastramis stand on Adams

After you wipe your hands on the lap of your jeans
Because an old man who lives under the boardwalk reached out to you
To tell you
How much you remind him of his granddaughter
How he watches you pass by every day
And run to catch the same bus
Never stopping to notice him
Never stopping to notice yourself
Those frown lines on your forehead have become permanent
What is wrong with the world
That what is right with the world means so little

It was a hundred degrees today and my news feed was filled with complaints
The sun only did what the sun does
The sun heats things up
The sun reminds us to slow down
To drink water
To go outside and stick our busy feet in the ocean
To let seaweed get tangled between legs
Sun wants to tie us together
To save gas and ride the bus
To sit next to a man you will never know and hear his story

What does it cost to show some compassion
I don't need you to make me feel worse about myself
I am an expert already
I need a whisper
A kiss on my forehead
I need a song
I need a poem
I need an arm around my shoulder
I need to know that you get me and you will not let me go
I need you to want me to stay
Tell me you love me
The way I never forget to tell you
I need for us to know that every moment
Is as precious as the very last moment
Because every moment is the very last moment
Until the very next moment comes

Sometimes I am afraid for us
I am afraid we missed the lesson our fore parents 
Gave their lives for us to know
I am afraid we have forgotten the value of hello
A smile
The magic of two pairs of eyes locked 
So glue until a heart is healed
Remember staring contests
I miss staring contests
What color are my eyes
Did you notice that my right is smaller than my left
And the left twitches just a little when I am nervous
I want you to know this about me
Put my hand on your neck 
Let me feel your pulse
So I can know things about you

I am not asking about your credit score
How many bedrooms and baths
I want to lock freckles with you
I want you to touch him
Him to hold her
I want her to forgive them
I want us to re

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